For all inquiries about pricing, procedures, products, etc, please feel free to reach out to me. There are contact forms on the bottoms of the visual & audio pages, but you are also welcome to DM me or follow my projects on any of my official social media networks.


The vast majority of my clients utilize me not only because of my quality, but because of my flexible rates and budgeting. My "time is money" cliche is balanced with mutual respect and proper communication, resulting in fair pricing and a deeper understanding into my process.

I embrace the reality that no two projects are the same, and I allow my pricing to reflect that by generally avoiding flat-rates. I accomodate any reasonable budgets & requests, and deliver a product that they always come back for.

To see information on pricing for any of my services, whether visual or audio, please check out those respective pages. All prices are based on averages to help new clients gain clarity, but should not be considered as a final price quote until we have a discussion.

With that said, I accept all payments via PayPal, CashApp, & Venmo. Bundle/package deals are available for multiple projects, and I occasionally run sales & discounts via my social media networks. All payments are secured upfront.

Zkivu, pronounced Sky-View, is a brand started in February 2019 - although I have been a music producer, engineer, designer, etc for well over a decade. I am currently 29, self employed, and a free agent. This new brand of mine sought to learn from past efforts, and hit the ground running.

If you have not yet noticed the mask and general anonymity, I generally keep certain aspects of my life out of the equation. However, follow me on social media - particularly Instagram, my main network - to see my daily life, personality, and even have a chat.

I currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA, but was born in Toms River, NJ, a few blocks away from a park named Skyview Park - a place I spent a lot of time as a kid. When it came time to start a new brand, I searched for a name that held deep meaning to me. Skyview fit the bill, no doubt, and I proceeded to make it unique with the spelling. Call it abstract, call it marketing, but its just me.

Music is simply my life; graphic design is the highway in which I speed down to provide for myself and my loved ones; and video game streaming is the rest stop in which I can escape the grind on occassion with my close friends. Get to know me.


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